The Most Recent Salmonella Outbreak: Honey Smacks cereal linked to Salmonella outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have just announced a Salmonella outbreak that has been linked to a popular cereal, Kellogg’s Honey Smacks.  The cereal has been subject to a voluntary recall for several weeks.  At least 30 of the infected victims have been hospitalized.

honey smacks cereal salmonella poisoning

Distracted Driving Accidents – No One Is Immune!

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of car wrecks in America today.  In part it is because of the advent of smartphones that have so many apps to distract a driver.  But distracted driving can happen for any number of reasons. A driver may be distracted by the radio, the navigation system, other passengers in the car, something on the side of the road, or any number of other things.  utah distracted driver

At Lance Andrew Law, we have seen the tragic consequences of distracted driving as our Utah car accident lawyers have represented many victims of crashes caused by distracted drivers.  We ourselves also drive, and we, like you, also see reckless and distracted drivers all the time as we are on the road.  If you or anyone you know is a victim of a distracted driving accident, call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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A Crosswalk’s Tale:  The Price of a Driver’s Inattention

The eastbound crosswalk on 600 East in Logan is a typical neighborhood crosswalk. It has the standard white, reflective crosswalk paint we’ve all seen, and it connects the sidewalks on either side of the street. Countless thousands of walkers, joggers, students, pet walkers, parents with children on tricycles and others have traversed that crosswalk over the years. The crosswalk has served these people well, demarking a zone of safety, declaring that folks on foot have the right of way, and that car traffic must yield to them, keeping everyone safe.

A Tale of Two Motorcycle Accidents: Lessons on Uninsured and Underinsured Insurance Motorist Coverage

Two motorcyclists.  Two serious crashes.  But two very different case results.


Danny was an avid motorcycle rider.  He loved the freedom of being on two wheels and feeling the wind in his face as he rode around town or on the open highway.  Danny also knew the rules of the road, and he knew that anyone on a motorcycle is more vulnerable than folks driving in cars and trucks.  Danny was always careful to avoid putting himself in a dangerous situation on his bike, and he always wore protective clothing and a helmet.  Danny did everything he could to keep himself safe.