Left Turn Motorcycle Accident

How Does A Left Turn Collision Happen?

A left turn collision involving a motorcycle typically occurs when either a truck or a car makes a left turn in the intersection and hits a motorcycle. left turn motorcycle accidentGenerally, it is because the driver of the vehicle did not see the motorcycle, or they misjudge how quickly the motorcycle is approaching the intersection and decide to take a left turn anyway. A left turn motorcycle collision is one of the most common types of motorcycle crashes and can be fatal.

As avid motorcyclists ourselves, we understand that the majority of motorcycle riders exercise great caution while riding. There are many dangers we face when riding a motorcycle, especially the danger of not being seen by drivers around us. We are well-versed in the motorcycle laws of Utah and will never represent the at-fault driver. If you or a loved one have been involved in a left turn motorcycle crash, call a Lance Bingham Law Utah motorcycle accident attorney today for a free consultation.

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Dangers of Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

When an accident involves a motorcycle, the collision does not have to have occurred at high speeds for injuries to be severe. The motorcycle rider is exposed to the elements, so even a minor collision can cause significant injuries to the rider. When a car or truck hits a motorcycle passing an intersection in a left turn collision, the impact of the hit can send the rider flying off their motorcycle, hitting the concrete, surrounding structures, or oncoming vehicles, and the rider can even be hit by flying debris from the crash.

For those who survive a left turn crash, the recovery process can be lengthy and costly for the survivor and their loved ones. The medical bills quickly add up from overnight hospital stays, continual doctors visits, and physical therapy. Time spent away from work prohibits you from making a living and being able to pay those medical bills. Often times insurance companies will deny claims, leaving you with larger portions to pay back.

Helpful Ways To Avoid Left Turn Accidents

While you cannot control how other people drive around you, consider these helpful tips on avoiding a left turn motorcycle accident the next time you’re riding:

  • Follow the speed limit - drivers will often misjudge the distance and speed of motorcycles, so it’s best not to speed.
  • Be aware of stopped cars at the intersection & the direction of their tires - tire direction is a good indicator of whether the car is ready to make a turn immediately or not. Don’t assume the drivers can see you, and keep a watchful eye on vehicles stopped at the intersection until you pass safely.
  • Know your location & have an exit planned - be aware of the lanes next to you, whether they are empty or there are cars next to you. If it is empty, you can easily move aside into that lane.

Seeking Legal Assistance

All too often we see people being taken advantage of by large insurance companies and being coerced into settling for an amount that is less than they deserve and need moving forward. It is critical that you seek immediate legal assistance from a trusted and respected motorcycle accident lawyer.

At Lance Bingham Law, we will travel to any city within Utah to meet with you and your loved ones and to start providing you with immediate legal help. Our attorneys will put forth the resources and time to effectively represent your case and recover the necessary damages. Call us today with any questions!

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