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Most car accidents involve a collision between at least two vehicles. But sometimes, a car accident can occur with only one car. We call these single-car crashes. single car accident attorneys

A single-car accident can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the driver gets distracted or falls asleep and he or she loses control of the vehicle, causing it to crash into something else, roll, fall into a ditch, or any number of other things.  

Single-car crashes can occur even when the driver does everything right. A driver can suddenly encounter a situation that requires he or her to make emergency maneuvers to avoid a problem. For example, a driver may come around a corner and suddenly see a large metal box in the middle of the lane of travel and have to quickly maneuver around the box. Or the driver suddenly comes upon a traffic pileup and swerves to avoid a collision.  In either of these situations, the driver may collide with something else or lose control and roll their vehicle, resulting in a single-car accident.

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