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Rollover Car Accident Lawyers in Utah

One of the scariest and most serious types of car accidents are rollover accidents.  Vehicle rollover accidents are significantly different than other accidents where the vehicle remains upright.  When a rollover crash occurs, a number of different factors come into play, which significantly increases the risk of serious injuries.

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What is a Rollover Car Accident?

Velocity, or the speed or force at which the initial incident occurs, is often significant in rollover crashes because whatever the source of the force, it must be significant enough to force a vehicle to overcome engineering protections designed by vehicle manufacturers and tip over and roll the vehicle.  Sometimes, this can happen when another car collides with your vehicle and pushes it with enough force to roll. But rollovers can occur even in single-car accidents, where the velocity or force comes from the vehicle’s own speed and weight being thrown off.

Gravity is always a factor in any car accident, but especially in rollover collisions.  When a car tips and rolls, the vehicle itself creates crush points around the passenger compartment of the vehicle.  Passengers can be completely or partially ejected from the vehicle and be crushed beneath the weight of the vehicle as it rolls, or thrown with significant force to the ground, causing serious injuries.  Wearing your seatbelt significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries in a vehicle rollover car accident.  Never risk your safety by driving without your seatbelt.

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Vehicle rollover accidents can also result in significant danger to others.  A rolling vehicle can hit other vehicles, structures or people, block traffic and throw debris into the traveling roadway.  Even after the rolling vehicle has come to rest, people walking around the scene of the accident to help can be placed in danger of being struck by traffic.

Rollover accidents can be complex and require the expertise of competent and experienced lawyers to help you navigate the investigation of the accident and obtain fair compensation for your injuries.  As often seen in car accidents, large insurance companies often persuade victims to settle at an amount that is significantly less than they deserve.

Unlike traditional personal injury law firms, the attorneys at Lance Bingham Law will personally handle your case rather than handing it off to a paralegal or case manager. A rollover car accident attorney will travel to any city within Utah to provide you with immediate legal assistance to protect you and your loved ones from being taken advantage of by large insurance companies.

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